About B.O.S.S.Y Latinas

Laura Acosta - Bossy Latinas Inc.
Laura Acosta

A networking entrepreneur community for like minded women and men!

Our Story!

Growing up I was always restless and couldn’t stay in one place to long. Always anxious to start something new. I didn’t like any of my jobs and discovered along the way that I was an entrepreneur at heart. I was always selling something or getting these great ideas.

As I educated myself I found my passion and my calling to connect people. Entrepreneurs are misunderstood to others because most think of just earning a living and entrepreneurs create.

While attending networking events it was great and much to learn but there was something missing. At times I felt defeated. I knew there was other women out there just like me needing some encouragement and guidance to take their business to the next level. That’s when the idea of BOSSY LATINAS was born.

B. To be a successful entrepreneur a woman must be BOLD and face all her fears of failure and rejection.

O. One must be OPTIMISTIC in a world where there are many naysayers. Be the kind of woman that her glass is half full not empty. Love everyone where they are in life we need them because their rejections are how we grow.

S. Be a SERVANT woman to GOD above all and everything will take care of itself. Serve your community and give of your time to people in dire need.

S. STRONG women break cycles and don’t repeat mistakes. Be the kind of woman that looks forward to the future not the past. Don’t dwell on the past learn from it and grow.

Y. Be a creator don’t follow the crowd. Discover your “WHY” it will allow you to find your “HOW”. Your why must make you cry it will give you the drive to get back in the game. Be a YWOMAN.